Understanding the Justice Limited Power of Attorney for Documents

The Justice Limited Power of Attorney (LPA) is a free legal service being offered and paid for by JT, in cooperation with Doris Law (DLO), to assist new purchasers in obtaining and verifying their documents for the purchase and manufacture of settlement pills.  As you know and alluded to in the DLO update letter, we’ve been dealing with some very unruly and unsavory individuals in control of these 4 programs over the last 2.5 years, who are doing everything they can to scuttle donors’ ability to settle their debts with arms-length pharma according to their contracts. All this, in an effort to extract more cash out of their donors. These rogues have made what should have been a simple process into an individually impossible and expensive one. One, which can only now be achieved through aggregation as a singular group and one which has required incredible patience and legal costs to enforce.  For this the Justice Solution was created.

However, we’re now at a stage, thanks to the number of our currently settled group, that we can now extend a helping hand to those who need to, and find it difficult for many reasons, to get their original documentation to settle. Hence the primary purpose of the LPA.

Granted that if you are already completely settled like me, this particular purpose may not be as critical to us, nonetheless, it is still probably a good idea to provide this to JT & DLO, these documents for future use regarding our final settlement and documents and our representation to CRA.

When I settled all of my debt through Justice I ceased doing this individually and began doing this as a member of the class. We have to stop looking at our JT solution on a singular individual “me” level and look at it from the “we” level of the group or the class of which are now a part of. Indeed when it comes to the final showdown with both the rogue promoters and the CRA we do not want to be on our own but as a member of the large class that stands against both.

To this end, while I have purchased my pills for delivery in April of 2013, which didn’t get delivered until late 2014, I want to give DLO full leeway in representing my interests along with the class, in front of both adversaries. Hence, my giving the LPA to DLO. Understand that the LPA only deals with DLO representing us with respect to the tax shelters ONLY.  Hence, why it is a “limited” P of A and not a “general” P of A.

Also, the last paragraph relating to heirs etc., and surviving to include them at our untimely death, (there’s been a few) relieves them of the burden of having to deal with this themselves should we die while all this is being settled out. Would it not be better to have DLO represent them as well on your behalf, rather than leaving it up to uninformed heirs and executors, which for expediency and out of ignorance give away a portion of the estate for unnecessary expense and taxes that they did not have to? I have had a few of my donors pass away in the middle of the process. Fortunately their families have us to assist them. Many aren’t as fortunate.

If you are completely settled it is your choice as to whether or not you complete it and submit it. In my case, I’m signing it for whatever future actions may be deemed necessary on behalf of the class and myself as part of that class to be free and clear and on the other side of this debacle. Also bear in mind while things have been relatively quiet, save our efforts to inform thousands over the last couple of years, things are going to start heating up as we begin the end game with both issues over the next year or so.

Hopefully you find this helpful in clarifying things and relieving any doubt over the intent of the LPA.


Paul Lauzon