Membership and Committee Participation

Participation and Membership in Profitable Giving Canada (PGC) may take a variety of forms.   Each level of interest is very important to us as we are always looking for good people across Canada to assist with promoting our objects and mission.   Please Contact Us for more information on what it takes to participate in any of the following areas.


PGC has four different classes of membership.  Each class brings with it various responsibilities and benefits. 

Faculty Member (Class 1)

Faculty Members control PGC.    Faculty Members must meet the requirements of the PGC Board of Directors before admission.  These include, among other things,  one year of successful experience on a PGC Committee  and demonstration of enthusiastic support for the PGC Mission.   Faculty Members elect the PGC Board of Directors at the annual Members meeting.   Faculty Members also have voting rights at all PGC Members meetings

Individual Member (Class2)

Individuals may apply to PGC online to become members.  Individual members receive a variety of benefits including independent program information, access to the regulatory forums,  legal and other assistance paid for from the Universal Participant Protection Fund when appropriate and authorized, as well as continuity of ongoing support.   The fee for individual members is $100 annually.   As a non profit corporation,  100% of all fees and revenues are channeled back for the benefit if it's members.  Individual Members are invited to attend all members meeting, but have no voting rights.   Apply Now  for Individual Membership.  

Corporate Members  (Class 3 and 4)

Please contact us for more information on the benefits and responsibilities of Corporate memberships and sponsorships.


Committee Participation

PGC has structured itself such that most work is done by Committees.   These Committees are formed to execute the elements of the 3 Step Plan to regulate the Industry and fulfil our Mission.   Click on the links to see the Committees and Committee Chairpeople.


PGC is now accepting applications for a variety of important positions and tasks.  Please contact us for more details on how you can participate.