CHT Appeal to Federal Court

If Mr Morrison is successful with his Appeal, the Federal Court's decision could set a very favorable precedent for the thousands of other taxpayers who participated in these two programs.  It would be very difficult if not impossible for the CRA to start confirmations and collections on those other taxpayers.

The appeal process has started and will proceed fairly quickly.   It is a very expensive process for Mr Morrison.  He has garnered some financial support but not enough.   If he does not achieve the financial support needed, at least $100,000 for fees and disbursements,  he will be forced to drop his appeal and capitulate to the CRA.    This could also negatively affect the other thousands of taxpayers in these programs.

PGC is not offering an opinion on the merits or chances of success for Morrison's appeal.  However, we do offer whatever support we can to his cause.   That is the purpose of this message.

If you would like to assist financially with this appeal, Mr Morrison has requested that payment be made by cheque to his law firm,  "Morrison Brown Sosnovitch LLP  in trust".  Write CHT/CGI Appeal in the remarks section and forward to their office in Toronto

Mr V. Ross Morrison
Morrison Brown Sosnovitch LLP
One Toronto Street
PO Box 28
Suite 910 Toronto ON
M5C 2V6
This could be a very important step for you to assist with the protection of your tax in dispute for the CHT and CGI donations programs.  We suggest you consider donating $1,000 to your cause. Or any greater or lesser amount would help. The payment could be considered tax deductible if you treat it as your legal costs associated with your tax in dispute. Simply request a receipt from the law firm when you send your payment. 

Do it now!  Time is of the essence for Mr Morrison.   We will post updates of his progress on our website.

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